10x Your Customer Engagement

Any salesperson or consultant knows that selling is challenging. You can’t control how customers behave or how they engage. But one thing is certain when it comes to customer engagement, sales increase with greater customer engagement. Getting someone to pay attention and holding that attention for the right amount of time will boost your win rate. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can 10X your customer engagement with Contiq, so you increase your close rate.

A Data-driven Customer Engagement Platform

Companies that embrace the use of data for improving customer engagement have shorter sales cycles and close more deals. The moment a prospect interacts with any of your sales or marketing assets, they’re essentially saying “Educate Me,” and as someone who wants to win a deal, it’s time for you to send what a prospect wants and measure if they are engaged.
However, few organizations have tracking capabilities to gather meaningful data. As a result, there’s plenty of guessing and no one in these organizations knows how prospects behave while interacting with sales content. Contiq solves this problem with real-time analytics that you can start using within minutes – for Free.
These questions and more can be answered with KlozeAI.

Leveraging Buyer Insights to Increase Customer Engagement

KlozeAI leverages the power of data to provide insights that you can use to increase customer engagement. For example, you can adjust your sales tactics based on behavioral evidence. KlozeAI tracks the behavior of the customer or prospect so you can see how your sales content is performing. You’ll know exactly when a prospect or customer opens your content and how long they spent looking at each section.
Also, KlozeAI monitors content performance and ranks sales assets based on effectiveness. Then it uses that information to suggest the best content for any occasion. This way, salespeople, enablement teams, and marketers can easily discover what works.
With KlozeAI, it is easy to search for the kind of sales content you need.

Consumer Engagement Insights

Engagement is the most crucial aspect of sales and marketing, but also one of the toughest things to improve. The reason for this is because there are many variables involved. But Contiq solves that problem. Think of it like a “crystal ball.” You can look into the past to see what kind of content other sales or marketing experts have used to engage customers—making it easier to improve your customer engagement.
For example, let’s assume you already started using a presentation template or deck. But you want to include information about new capabilities since that’s what your prospect is more interested in. KlozeAI lets you easily add the best performing slide from any deck and customize accordingly.
KlozeAI delivers insights about your prospect, so the decisions you make are based on data. The plan you build and strategy you execute on will allow you to shorten your sales cycle and increase your win rate.

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