An Enterprise Seller’s view of KlozeAI

“You can remove 80% of the time spent on busy work and focus your energy to make the most money.”

As a B2B technical sales and marketing representative for a couple of decades in Silicon Valley, I discovered my favorite thing to do was to find awesome fast-growing software companies and buyers, and crack the code to close the largest deals possible. I would harness the power of my energy, focus, and intuition to create the largest deals I could close, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort and consistently meet my number. I managed to break several sales records.
One of the major challenges for a company and its sales team is to accurately predict which deals are going to close at what time during the year and make timely business decisions with their current and future cash flow.
There also comes unhelpful stress at the end of every quarter, every year, and every month in technology sales due to the sheer volatility and speed of innovation and competition in this business.
When I discovered KlozeAI, I was thrilled, as it solved 3 MAIN CORE problems for me after a 15-minute set-up.

The process is certainly tedious and filled with uncertainty as you prepare a 30-page response, leveraging 30 hours of your team’s time, hoping you make it to the shortlist and the buyer calls you back, not actually knowing if the buyer will even open the email. With a hope to win the business, you have to trust the word of the buyer and appropriately circulate a large amount of content to the buyer’s decision-making committee at the Enterprise or SaaS company before securing a sales contract. In a 100% online B2B Selling environment where your main tools are a Zoom, phone, email, and no in-person meetings, this is challenging for a lengthy complex B2B sales cycle.

“KlozeAI is your crystal ball here. You will be able to synchronize with the buyer’s purchasing cycles by making intuitive sales motions at the RIGHT time, to the RIGHT people, and collaborate to create the best solutions together.”

The process in itself makes a great partnership, keeping you so involved that it makes you feel like you are actually working with your customer’s organization.
KlozeAI is not going to do any selling for you; however, you can remove 80% of the time spent on busy work and focus your energy cultivating relationships with new targeted buyers. Your pipeline will automatically update all the metrics without you having to enter a single note and you can search the best sales decks and customize them in seconds. For me personally, that means creating as many high impact Zoominars as I can this year and help my friends in the business save time and make more money. The more fun we have; the more money we will make.
If you would like to massively blow out your number this year and accelerate your personal revenue stream as well as your company’s revenue stream, try KlozeAI.

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