It’s just “Physical”​…

As in Physical distancing and NOT Social distancing from your prospect if you are a B2B sales rep or sales leader. I would even argue that now is the time for you to be more “socially” close with your buyers.

It’s my privilege to be interacting with many sales leaders and reps on a weekly basis to help them drive higher customer engagement in their most important deals.

Nowadays, I am asking them one question,
“ What is your best strategy to drive sales in the current environment? ”
And the answer from the best ones overwhelmingly to switch in “investment” mode by engaging with the buyers with supportive messages. These strategies are the ones that stand out in terms of their “hit rate”
  • Reach out – to just say that you and your company cares. This is probably as important for the “colder” deals as it is for the “warmer” ones. Buyers are humans too and they want to know that you are just not chasing them for deals but that you also care. So, go ahead and reach out. Preferably, telling them how you or your company can help. The “help” can be to clarify info, better deal (more flexible terms?) or just “checking in.”

  • Inform – The best salespeople are trusted, consultants. Continue with that approach and continue informing the prospect on best tips, use cases, benefits. Keep on the lookout for topics that are relevant to your buyers.

  • Listen – You will be surprised to know that things have not frozen. Buyers who are stuck at home need social interaction and if you keep the engagement going, they will reach out to you for more info. Remember, like you, their comfort level is also to keep the status quo.