The Emergence of AISEI: AI for Sales Effectiveness Insights

By Rahul Kapoor, Co-Founder, KlozeAI

In the recent years scanning the landscape of sales tech, I have come to an observation/realization: a new layer of applications is emerging in enterprise sales tech that is poised to drive extraordinary positive changes in sales organizations driven by advances in AI. Let’s call this new layer: AI-Based Sales Effectiveness Insights (AISEI, pronounced “i-see”).

This layer is beyond the AI’fication (applying AI enhancements) of existing tools such as CRM, quota management, proposal generator, etc. This layer is fundamentally about how to “raise the game” of the entire sales organization leveraging data-driven, AI-based insights. This layer of intelligence that sits on top of traditional workflow systems will be the transformative force that will drive key outcomes for sales organizations such as:

Let’s look at the typical enterprise sales cycle and examine the new capabilities vendors are enabling that align to this new paradigm shift: AISEI.

AI-Based Sales Insights Tools / Stack

If it looks different, feels different and works differently it’s probably different. This new class of applications is fundamentally divergent from other sales tech that exists in most enterprises today. These applications operate where they leverage the data/information/exhaust from traditional systems such as CRM, sales enablement, contract management systems etc. to provide insights that were not so easily available before. More discussion on this in my next post.

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