Top 5 Podcasts to help you Close Deals Faster in the Digital-first, Buyer-led World

The last decade has witnessed a gradual paradigm shift in the world of B2B buying and selling, towards a digital-first, buyer-led experience. Buyers these days are savvy and knowledgeable. Owing to the vast amount of information easily available on the internet, buyers are a lot more educated and informed than they were around 5-10 years ago. They are increasingly becoming self-reliant by carrying out their own independent research through online resources and social contacts. Sellers who master social selling by leveraging multiple social media platforms, can accelerate their sales velocity and expand their business. Here are 5 podcasts that can help you prepare and perform, to deliver an improved and wholesome customer experience.

1. The #AskGaryVee Show

In this daily-streaming, free-service podcast, Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur runs a series of interviews with some of the world’s leading thought leaders, in order to educate his audience about sales and marketing, leveraging growth opportunities through good branding techniques and social media campaigns. He also shares his own experiences, while taking questions from his listeners, giving them useful advice to boost their sales and nurture growth. He has and continues to inspire many business professionals from his stories. Listen here:

2. The Modern Selling Podcast

The Modern Selling Podcast gives you actionable insights into how a modern seller can leverage content on social media platforms for enhancing their personal branding and attracting more buyers. Renowned sales professionals discuss and share useful sales tactics, and motivational thoughts to help businesses develop their sales strategies to grow the sales pipeline. It presents the idea of a modern seller adopting social selling practices to engage with modern buyers. It also sheds light on the general struggles of sales leaders in forecasting sales revenue, remote selling practices, and how salespeople can advance in their careers. Watch it here: 

  • Produced by: Vengreso
  • Host: Mario M. Martinez Jr
  • Podcast available on: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Length/Duration of the Podcast: between 40 minutes to 1 hour

3. Sales Engagement Podcast

The Sales Engagement Podcast is the go-to podcast for learning simple and useful sales engagement tactics. Delivered in a radio talk-show format, this podcast featuring some inspirational real-life stories is a great place for revenue leaders and sales professionals to learn about improving your sales engagement strategies. Business leaders from around the world share their success stories, educating you about modern hacks and techniques to engage with your prospects better and develop meaningful relationships with them. A must watch for sales leaders to understand about leveraging technology to build the pipeline and generate more revenue. Watch it here: 

  • Produced by: Vengreso
  • Host: Mario M. Martinez Jr
  • Podcast available on: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Length/Duration of the Podcast: between 40 minutes to 1 hour

4. The Sales Hacker Podcast

The Sales Hacker Podcast is a must-watch for sales professionals to get practical insights about sales and marketing techniques in the B2B world. Regular roundtable discussions between sales professionals, investors, and founders are a great source of information for learning about modern sales strategies, tips, and tactics to revise your fundamental sales techniques, to be able to progress through your sales process faster. It also touches upon various interesting topics, mainly centered around sales development, sales management, CRM, social selling, modern sales technology, customer success stories, and sales hiring practices. Watch it here: 

  • Produced by: Sales Hacker
  • Host: Sam Jacobs
  • Podcast available on: iTunes, Stitcher
  • Length/Duration of the Podcast: between 5 minutes to 50 minutes

5. Leveling Up

This podcast delves deep into providing insights about growth strategies by interviewing prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe. With an abundance of ideas for boosting growth to support your journey as an entrepreneur, Growth Everywhere drives away those Monday blues with its exciting episodes every Monday night. With highly experienced sales and marketing professionals sharing their experiences and stories, this podcast is a must-watch for gaining some useful tactics and strategies for generating growth in your business, irrespective of the stage your business is at. Apart from growth strategies it also discusses other topics such as e-Commerce marketing, SEO, modern sales tools, and business models. Watch it here:  

  • Produced by: Single Grain
  • Host: Eric Siu
  • Podcast available on: Website, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud
  • Length/Duration of the Podcast: between 5 minutes to 1 hour
So here are some of the best podcasts to listen to if you wish to brush up your fundamental skills and learn modern sales strategies to expand your business and foster revenue generation. While each of these takes a different approach to achieve high-performance standards and presents a different take on best modern selling practices, they all have something to contribute to making your journey as a sales professional/businessman/entrepreneur, easier. The tips and tricks from these podcasts can go a long way in helping you create your niche market. Happy listening!
Shivanshi Bhatnagar